California Public Homeschool Charters

The state of California allocates state funds to families enrolled in California Public Homeschool Charters. These funds are permitted for purchasing school supplies, equipment’s, educational materials, field trips, and classes through out the school year. Kids of the Kosmos is registered with the schools listed below.

If your family is homeschooled and registered with a school listed below, you may also fill out and return a P.O. (purchase order) from your assigned teacher.

Upon school approval, Kids of the Kosmos will mail your package order.


Compass Charter Schools (

Heritage Peak Charter School (

iLEAD Schools (

Ocean Grove – IEM Charter School (

Rio Valley Charter School (

Sage Oak Charter School (

Sky Mountain – IEM Charter School (

South Sutter – IEM Charter School (

Summit Academy (

Sutter Peak Charter Academy (

Valiant Preparatory (

Valley View Charter Prep (

Rio Valley Charter School (

Sutter Peak Charter Academy (