Kids Day Wednesday

Thank you for your interest in Kids Day Wednesday. Kids of the Kosmos is looking forward to sharing your story.

To be featured on Kids of the Kosmos social media pages, please submit the form below. Then, send a video or picture presenting you and your company to

Video Instructions:

  1. Video must be 60 seconds or less
  2. Open with a greeting to Kids of the Kosmos
  3. Give a short description of yourself and what your service, talent, or company is about

Picture Submission:

  1. Send a picture featuring you and your service, talent, or what your company is about
  2. Picture may be a single photo or a collage
  3. Incorporate the #Kiddaywednesday hashtag as overlay text (See our Instagram page for examples. If you are unable to do this, it’s okay we can do this for you)

When finished, please also fill out the permission slip located here.

Thank you for being an amazing kid!

We will email you with the date when you will be featured on our website and our social media platforms.