What People Are Saying

The concept, the quality and the range in school supply products is very impressive. Support this family business for your school aged family members. – Omari Bakari

Everything. This is such a phenomenal thing. – Sunshine Onme

This is amazing for the children of the Kosmon Era.. Love & Light to you for all you do for them. – DeShawn Fields

This is such a great project. I can see it blessing many kids. Best of blessings! – Princess Mapp

Received our Kids of the Kosmos folders and notebooks today. Very excited! Beautiful drawings!! Pierce got a notebook that looks just like him. – Dayana Fralin (Fighting Titus Journal)

Beautiful notebooks that represent our beautiful brown kids!! – Caneshia Isaac

This looks just like my oldest daughter, down to the love for animals! Definitely getting the journal for school this year! – Kenda Elise

My son has both of those books, and he LOVES them!!! – Mae Ransom

I have passed your amazing products to my page and to students and teacher who can use them!! These are so UNIQUE and I will be making a purchase soon. I hope you will have Back Packs in the near future!!! We need this! Thank you for making them available! – Yaira Coburn

Very prompt delivery. My son is already writing in one journal and the other is in his back pack. Thank You! – Tasha Sowels

I just purchased some items. I keep my word. I brought these for my future children so they enjoy these wonderful gifts. Thank you again. I love recycling my black dollars with our people. – Kofi Oseti Ntonni

I had to order! ? The Best notebooks I’ve ever seen??‍?! Thanks Kids of the Kosmos – Larry Yarrl

Thank you so much for coming out to our event yesterday! I can’t wait to show my kids what I got them! – Kiara Manuel

Beautifully designed school supplies with beautiful stories to accompany them! We look forward to partnering with you! – Charla Austin-Harris

So cute! These will make great gifts! Check them out! – Ndigo Sunshinemuchfruit

These are GREAT!! I’m sharing with my teacher friends! – Olivia Hilburn

Love these folders! – Elly El

Really nice folders! – Cassie Legwill

They are absolutely beautiful!! I can’t wait to receive my notebooks and folders. My kids and I love the journals! They are beautiful. – Tabia Cooper

My granddaughter HAs notebook with that picture (Nefertari Thinks Journal) – Leah Hubbard

Too cute ? – Tytianna Scott-Gordy

Omg !!!! I’m about to order some – CoShai Dorsey

The one with the little girl and dogs, is my daughter all the way!!! She is #veterinarian – Taisha Brisco-Dingle (Purchased Dr. Sofia Journal)

Awesome… – Craig Clark

OMG? This looks just like my oldest daughter, down to the love for animals! Definitely getting the journal for school this year! – Kenda Elise (Purchased Dr. Sofia Journal)

London just got her new journal in the mail. She wants to get into music so I told her to write her original songs here ❤️✍? Thank you Amethyst Legree – Alicia Maldonado (Purchased Dr. Sofia Journal)

Beautuful congratulations love – Keisha Simon

Hollering Thank you Amethyst Legree for creating this!!!!!! – Stephanie Be

Love these❤️!!! Just what I needed at this time in transition for my son! – Telesha Woodard Edwards

Amethyst Legree and her family are doing great things for kids. Checkout and support her mission. – Chibuike Opara

So cute!! Going online now!! – Amber Henry Ifeanyichukwu

Amethyst Legree is the creative mind behind this page. Makes sure you check it out….LIKE….SHARE… – Tempra Mosley

Your mission is an admirable one. Congratulations!… – Adisa Achika

Love it – Terry Brown

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